Star wide receiver Reggie Wayne, a veteran of the NFL, suffered a season-ending knee injury last week. In the fourth quarter of the game against the Broncos, Wayne’s right knee buckled while attempting to catch a pass. This non-contact injury was soon discovered to be an ACL tear, and Wayne will need to undergo ACL surgery and rehabilitation that may last well into the offseason.

At the Los Angeles Knee Surgery Center of Excellence, our team of skilled knee surgeons specializes in advanced ACL surgery. If you have suffered an ACL tear, and are interested in learning about your treatment options, please feel free to contact our outpatient surgery center.

What is an ACL Tear?

An ACL tear occurs when the anterior cruciate ligament, a major ligament in the knee, partially or fully tears. ACL tears can occur via hard blows to the knee, or unnatural twisting or bending of the knee.  These tears can also occur during normal athletic activity, as they are susceptible to tearing under hard running and cutting. Because of this, ACL tears are one of the most common major injuries in sports. This can be a very painful, as well as severely limit mobility. The treatment for ACL tears may vary depending on the patient, but surgery is common for ACL repair.

Why Does an ACL Need to be Repaired?

The ACL is a very important part of the knee, especially for those that are active. The ACL provides stability and balance to the knee joint, allowing the knee to bend and move naturally. The ACL doesn’t always need to be repaired, however. It is common for ACL tears to be treated without surgery in older patients that don’t necessarily participate in activities that would make a reconstruction necessary. For younger patients and those that are more physically active, ACL reconstruction is a common treatment. Reggie Wayne’s ACL will mostly likely be treated with surgery, as it would be very unusual for a professional athlete to return to competition without a functioning ACL.

How are ACL’s Repaired?

During ACL Reconstruction, the anterior cruciate ligament is reconstructed arthroscopically, meaning small incisions are made allowing the doctor to scope the knee and inspect the damage in a minimally invasive way. A graft is taken either from the patient or harvested from a donor. This graft is trimmed down and put into place, acting as and replacing the old ACL.  Screws are inserted and the graft is tightened in place.

Who Should Do an ACL Reconstruction?

Since these types of injuries can be common, surgeries to repair them take place regularly.  However, not all reconstructions are the same. ACL’s can have a tendency to retear if the first surgery is not properly done. When professional athletes suffer a ligament tear, they receive the very best in medical attention in order to assure the operation is done right the first time. At Knee Surgery Center of Excellence, our highly renowned orthopedic surgeons treat patients with the same expertise and level of care afforded to professional athletes.

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