Knee Revision Surgery Los AngelesRevision knee surgery involves resurfacing or replacing a replacement knee joint that loosens, wears out or develops a problem. The orthopedic surgeons at La Peer Health Systems Knee Surgery Center of Excellence are leading experts in their field. Our patients receive an unparalleled quality of service and benefit from our knowledge and expertise in the very latest knee joint revision surgery procedures.

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Purpose of Knee Revision Surgery

Knee joint revision surgery can serve numerous purposes including:

  • Providing relief from pain in the knee or twisted knee
  • Restoring the patient’s mobility
  • Removing or restoring a loose or damaged prosthesis before irreversible damage is done to the joint

When knee joint revision surgery is performed, most patients experience very good outcomes and complications are rare. The procedure itself usually takes about three hours to perform.

Before the procedure begins, the patient is anesthetized. The surgeon then cuts through the knee joint capsule and opens up the knee joint. Next, the femoral component of the knee prostheses is removed, and the damaged bone from the end of the femur is scraped off so the femur can be reshaped. Depending on the condition of the bone, the surgeon may opt to fill the femur cavity with bone grafts.

Once the new femoral component is affixed using bone cement, the tibia is removed and the bone is reshaped for the new implant. The tibial and femoral prosthesis components are then fitted together, the kneecap is replaced and the knee tendons are reattached. Once the knee joint has been washed with a sterile fluid, the incision is closed.

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Recovery After Knee Joint Revision Surgery

Recovery after knee joint revision surgery will involve a combination of physical therapy, pain medication and rehabilitation exercises. Hospitalization will usually last from 3-5 days and crutches and a walker will usually be required starting from the time of discharge for a period of six weeks. By 6 weeks, bending of the knee to 90 degrees and walking at a reasonable pace should be possible. It will be possible to engage in more strenuous physical activity after 3 months. If excessive pain, swelling, or redness is experienced, it is important to contact the surgeon’s office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I need a full physical examination before knee joint revision surgery?

A: Your orthopedic surgeon typically requires that you have a complete physical examination by your internist or family physician.

Q: What complications might be associated with knee joint revision surgery?

A: Complications of knee joint revision surgery are greater than a primary surgery though still rare. They may include infection, loosening of the new prosthesis, dislocation and bone loss in the joint.

Q: How can I reduce swelling after knee joint revision surgery?

A: Swelling can be reduced by elevating the leg, applying an ice pack, and wearing a compression stocking.

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