The Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose recently suffered a meniscus tear in his right knee during a game against the Portland Trailblazers. This is a big blow to Chicago Bulls fans, as Rose missed the entire 2012-13 season last year while recovering from surgery to repair an ACL tear in his left knee. Rose has had trouble with injuries ever since his amazing rookie season when he was named the league’s MVP. As the star of the Chicago Bulls, Rose is receiving treatment from top orthopedic surgeons in order to preserve the health of his knee and to get him back out on the court as soon as possible. This same level of care is provided by the expert orthopedic surgeons at Knee Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles.

What is a Meniscus?

The meniscus is a ‘C’ shaped disc made up of cartilage that is located within the knee joint. The meniscus is a sort of shock absorber that cushions the area between the shinbone and thigh. Because of this, the meniscus bears a lot of the stress and load of athletic activity. The high degree of stress that is continuously placed upon the meniscus raises the risk of suffering a tear. The average person will most likely never suffer a meniscus tear, but outside blows and the stresses of constant use can often lead to damage or tearing in athletes.

How does the Meniscus Tear?

Meniscus tears can happen under a variety of conditions. Some tears occur when an outside blow is taken to the knee, and others are a result of awkward twisting or movement of the knee joint. It is not uncommon for a tear to occur as a non-contact injury. When an athlete plants their foot or makes a hard cut, the excess stress on the meniscus can cause damage, especially when the knee joint twists or moves in an unnatural manner. Meniscus tears are often accompanied by knee ligament damage, such as an ACL or MCL tear, especially when the injury is caused by an outside blow. It doesn’t matter how fit or strong the person is, the ligaments and structures in the knee are always susceptible to injury.

How are Meniscus Tears Treated?

Meniscus tears are often classified in two possible ways: Which part of the meniscus is torn and the degree/severity of the tear. The classification is used to help determine types of treatment and whether or not surgery will be required. If the patient is older or inactive, non-surgical means of treatment are usually considered.  This includes physical therapy, medication, and an at-home rehabilitation routine.

When the patient is younger or physically active, surgery to repair the tear is often the chosen course of treatment. Surgery is also often necessary when the meniscus tear is accompanied by ligament damage or tears in the knee. The meniscus and the knee ligaments are often repaired with arthroscopic knee surgery. This is a minimally invasive technique that involves the use of an arthroscope and small instruments inserted through very small incisions made around the knee.

The reason Derrick Rose is not expected to return this year is the rehabilitation process. The surgery itself is relatively minor, but the recovery period can last a significant amount of time in order to ensure proper healing and the complete restoration of knee function.

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