injured-knee-rehabIf you want to maximize the benefits of your partial knee replacement, then rehabilitation (rehab) is one of the best postoperative activities you can do. Prior to surgery, you were probably careful with the damaged knee and didn’t use it as much. As a result, your joint and leg muscles may have grown weak and unstable from lack of use. While favoring one leg, you were also probably overexerting the other to compensate. Because of this, a proper rehabilitation program is essential.

What Are the Benefits of Rehab​​?

After joint surgery, rehab is an important step to help you get the most from your new joint. It can:

  • Ease pain and swelling
  • Help circulation and avoid blood clots after surgery
  • Build joint and muscle strength
  • Restore normal joint movement
  • Help in resuming daily activities

Immediately following surgery, your surgeon will prescribe physical therapy. In most cases, a series of appointments, usually twice a week or more, will be set up and recommended for several months. Range of motion exercises that you can do at home might also be provided to help you. Overall, a regular and consistent exercise program for the restored knee is essential to fully regain strength and mobility.

What Happens in Rehab?

It will be up to your doctor to release you for physical therapy, but in most cases, you’ll start with some simple exercises and range of motion immediately following surgery. You might begin by flexing your ankles back and forth or tensing and relaxing your thighs. As you build up your mobility and endurance, strengthening exercises will be progressively added as you improve. Walking is also an excellent exercise which should be included as part of your rehab program. Your doctor will help you work out the specifics of your individual program.

How Long Does Rehab Last ?

Length of rehabilitation depends on a number of factors, including how well you heal and the amount of effort you put into the exercise program. Depending on how diligent with your rehab, physical therapy can last up to six months. Also after rehab, you should continue to stay as active as possible because you want to keep the rehabilitated knee in good shape. The intent of your surgery and rehab is to restore your strength and mobility, so it makes sense that you will want to retain those positive gains.

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