There has been a significant increase in knee replacement procedures in the U.S. over the past decade. The amount of knee replacements performed each year has doubled to 600,000. Knee replacement procedures have long been reserved mostly for patients with severe osteoarthritis that can no longer use their knee. That is up until recently, as knee replacements are being performed on a younger patient group with early stages of arthritis in an effort to preserve function and remain active. If you are experiencing knee pain, there are many ways the knee experts at Knee Surgery Center of Excellence can help.

The number of knee replacements performed each year has doubled over the last decade for good reason. Not only has medical technology improved the procedure, but the benefits of knee replacement have been realized in a much larger patient group. A lot of patients are refusing to wait for their knee to become so painful that they are no longer able to perform basic activities. When a patient’s doctor decides that a partial knee replacement or full knee replacement is the right treatment for the condition, it can be very beneficial.

It is important to speak with an expert knee surgeon to discuss all available options when experiencing knee pain. Some patients may choose to put up with knee pain and neglect seeking treatment. In many cases the knee pain will not subside with time and only become more severe as the condition worsens. Chronic knee pain should always be brought to the attention of an expert. Knowing when knee surgery may be right for you is the first step to deciding whether or not to undergo a replacement procedure.

Knee replacement surgery may be right for you if:

  • Traditional, non-surgical therapies are no longer effective when treating the knee pain. Some of these include: Steroid injections, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy.
  • Knee pain is getting in the way of performing activities. Knee pain can prevent you from participating in the activities that you love. When knee pain has become so bad that you end up avoiding even simple activities, a knee replacement might be right for you.
  • The knee pain is interfering with sleep. Losing sleep due to knee pain can open the door to further health risks associated with a lack of sleep and recovery.

Knee replacement surgery requires a period of rehabilitation. Physical therapy is usually started the day after surgery and is vital to the overall success of the procedure. Although there are many benefits to replacing a bad knee, the full benefits are not realized for some time. A complete recovery will take at least 6 weeks and it may be even longer before you can return to certain physical activities. Once this recovery period is over, patients can enjoy living without debilitating leg pain.

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